odissi dance

Instructor Name : Krishnaveni Putrevu

Krishnaveni Putrevu

Krishnaveni Putrevu has been trained in the Odissi dance style of Padmashree Guru Kelucharan

Mohapatra by Guru Sri Naba Kishore Mishra at the age of 8.She is from Andhra Pradesh but

was brought up in Orissa, which is how she got exposed toOdissi dance.

She connects herself to the Higher Being through her dance and she believes that through her dance alone she can serve the society.

She has helped in so many charitable institutions for fund raising events.

In future she wants her students not only to become good dancer/performer but be discipline, compassionate and humane in their approach to one and all.

One of her most important teaching to her students ” jatha hastatatha drishti” that means you should look where your handsmove

She has earned her degree in Odissi Dance from Lalit Kala Academy, in Allahabad, India, and also from Chandigarh University. She has performed widely and has received lots of critical acclaim for her award winning performances all over India and abroad.

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